Forecast  2nd December to 15th December -2019




English: MCB- Ch-6 , Our Neighbours will be done along with the workbook. Grammar : Ch-7 (Negatives and  Questions will be done.

Maths: Ch-14 , Skip Counting and ex. Will be done.

E.V.S. : Chatper-14 Neighbourhood services question and ex will be done.

G.K. :My body chart

Computer: Ch-5 Know the mouse ex. willbe done

HINDI  वसुंधरा–  पाठ 14- बोली अपनी-अपनी,विसर्ग (: ) प्रात: जल्दी उठो व्याकरण- पाठ 9 – एक-अनेक




ENGLISH:MCB- LESSON-6Animals are our friends will be done.WORKBOOK-Lesson-6will be done. GRAMMAR-LESSON-10 Questions and words & lesson-11There and IT will be done.

COMPUTER-Lesson-5will be completed along with Q/A and whole exercises.

G.K-UNIT-6 will be done.

E.V.S-Lesson-.  15 My school   & Lesson-.16Living safely  Will be done.

MATHS- LESSON-12Measurment    of mass(weight)      will be done. 

HINDI वसुंधरा–पाठ 11 – मेरी अविस्मरणीय यात्रा, पाठ 12- कुत्ता और तोता 

व्याकरण –पाठ 10 – काम बताने वाले शब्द, निबंध - क्रिसमस



English : MCB, Ch-7, A Role Model will be done  along with the workbook.Grammar: Ch-11, The use of will/shall be done.

EVS: Ch-15, Living and Non-Living things and Ch-16 Plant around us will be done.

Maths: Ch-8,8.6 to 8.10 and Ch-9, 9.1 to 9.2 will be done.

Computer: Ch-6 Tux Paint will be done.

G.K: Unit-6 Language and literature will be done.

HINDI  वसुंधरापाठ 12 – हमारी ऋतुएँ, करो योग रहो निरोग  

1.  हस्‍त-पाद आसन 2. उत्तान आसन     व्याकरण पाठ  9 विशेषण, कहानी

2.  - सारस और लोमड़ी



ENGLISH-M.C.B- CH-8 Birbal and the Barber all the Questions-Answers will be completed.CH-9 The Great barrier reef will be taught Q-Ans will also be done.

GRAMMAR-Conjunctions Work Book- CH-8 will be done.

MATHS-Chapter-11,14 CH-11 -Decimal, CH-14- Perimeter

E.V.S- Chapter- 20 and 21Chipko movement and where do animals live.

G.K. – Page 44 to 50

Computer- Ch-7 The Information as a super highway will be done along with question answers.


वसुंधरापाठ 12 – ईर्ष्या का फल,पाठ 13- अपना छोटा गाँव व्याकरण सर्वनाम, विशेषण



S.Studies:  Ch-13 Natural Disasters Ch-14 Conquering distance.

G.K. : C h -30 to 32

English : MCB Ch-8 The black berries  and the fruits

Grammar –Ch-13 the Voice will be taught.

Maths : Ch-11 profit  and  loss.

Science: Ch-8 Air and water. Ch-9 Reading 

HINDI  पाठ  11 – गुरू और चेला का पाठन व पूरा अभ्यास




English- Unit 5.2 and 5.3 Grammar  Chapter 11

Mathematics -Understanding  elementary shapes

Social study- civics -chapter 5 - local  self government  . 

Geo- Chapter- 6 -Major land forms  of  the earth.

Science -Chapter -9 Living organism and their surroundings .

Computer -chapter 5 -More on  Microsoft Excel.

General knowledge -Unit 7- Flora and  funa.

HINDI  नई तरंग- पाठ 15- प्रायश्‍चित,पाठ 16

 व्याकरण क्रिया विशेषण, संबंध बोधक, समुच्‍चयबोधक

SANSKRIT  सुप्रभातम्‍ - पाठ 13 – विद्या ज्ञानाय धनं न दानाय(चतुर्थी विभक्ति)

पाठ 14 – परिश्रमात्‍ बिना सफलता न भवति (पंचमी विभक्ति)   



English:MCB-Unit-5-Sir Lawley's Ghost,  Sec-2-The Ghost of Christmas yet to  come. 

Computer:CH-6 Flash Profession practical. CH - Reading. 

Science:CH-12 Reproduction in plant. 

Maths:     CH-9 Lines and Angles. 

S. Studies:  Civics-CH-6Advertising. 

               History-Town, Traders and  craftsmen. 

HINDI   नई तरंग पाठ आतिथ्‍य, कविता- चढ़ाई पर रिक्शेवाला

      व्याकरण क्रिया विशेषण,संबंधबोधक तथा निपात (अव्यय)

SANSKRIT पाठ 11 – क्रीड़ा महोत्सव उपसर्ग:



English: MCB unit-5 sec-1 the palindrome  Sec-2 advia

Maths: ch-9 comparing quantities

S. Studies : civics - ch-6 marginalization & social justice, History- reforms in Indian society.

Science: ch-16 light

Computer: more on adobe Flash professional cs6

G. K : unit-6 activity- paste the pictures of different states in a scrap book.

HINDI  नई तरंगपाठ कामचोर, पाठ मेरी माँ व्याकरण- अव्यय
 सुप्रभातम्‍ - पाठ 13 – पादकन्‍दुक क्रीडा(लेख:)  पाठ 14 – तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय




English- moments ch- 6,7

Science- ch- 12, Sound

Maths- ch- 9, Area of parallelogram and Triangles. 

Computer- ch- 10 Ms Power point. 

Social  science- ch- 6 geo. (population)  Ch-4 eco. (Food security) 

HINDI   स्पर्श  कविता अग्‍निपथ, नए इलाके में व्याकरण वर्ण-विच्छेद  



ENGLISH: Literature: The tale of the Dragon ,                       GRAMMAR:    Preposition

Maths :               Ch 12: Area Related to Circles

Science : Our Environment, Human eye and the colourful world

Social Science:         History:  Print Culture and Modern World

Computers:       Ch-8  Style Sheets in HTML Documents.                                  

HINDI  10  स्पर्श पतझर में टूटी पत्तियाँ  व्याकरण शब्द-पद


English-  ch-6 Browning version  Grammar- morals, writing - Debate

Physics- unit 7- mechanical and thermal properties of matter Unit 8 thermodynamics Unit 9 kinetic theory of gases

Chemistry- Ch-11 some basic principles of organic chemistry Ch-12 Hydrocarbons

Biology - Respiration in plants ,plant growth and development

ACCOUNTANCY :  Chapter 16 Accounting for bills of exchange Chapter 17 Rectification of errors
BUSINESS STUDIES :   Chapter. 9.Internal Trade
ECONOMICS :  Chapter 9 Concept of Revenue Chapter 10 Measure of central tendency Median and Mode
MATHEMATICS :  Chapter  11 Conic Sections cont. d
Physical Education :
Ch-9 kinesiology and sports.

Chapter 10 Psychology and Sports

HINDI  अंतरागद्य पाठ 9, 10 , काव्य - पाठ 8,9,10 







ENGLISH Revision - Vistas - Chapter 1 to 4 Writing – Letter writing

                 Invitation and Replies

BIOLOGY Environmental issues control Revision

PHYSICS Revision of Chapter 9 and Chapter 10 and do practical’s

CHEMISTRY Chapter 16 – Environmental Chemistry

Accountancy :   Ch: 8 issue of debentures, Ch:9 Redemption of debentures

Business studies: Ch:- 11 Marketing management,Ch: 12 consumer protection act

Economics:   Ch:10 & ch: 11 in microeconomics

Physical education:   Ch:10 kinesiology biomechanics and sports

Maths   :   Ch: 11 Three dimensions geometry


अंतराकाव्य - पाठ 7,8 – गद्‍य पाठ – 7,8