FORTNIGHTLY-SYLLABUS- 1/8/19--TO--15/08/19


FORECAST  1st to 15th  August 2019



ENGLISH: Yummy Food and Poem the Cupboard will be done along with the workbook.

Grammar: Ch-3 One and More than one will be done.

EVS:  Chap 11 helping each other

        Chap 12 our home

Computer chap 4 know the keyboard

Maths  chap 6and 7 numbers from 1to50

G. K. pge no. 15 to 20

Drawing page no.  13 to 14

HINDI  वसुंधरा –  पाठ 5-  (उ) की मात्रा, पाठ 6 -  (ऊ) की मात्रा                   

व्याकरण -  पाठ 5 – मात्राओं का ज्ञान




Computer:- Lesson-3 How does a computer work will be done.

G.K:- Unit-2 will be finished with some general questions.

E.V.S:- Lesson-9 Celebrating festivals will be done.

Maths:-Lesson-7Multiplication will be done.

English-MCB-Lesson-3Suhani's parents visit her school will be done along with work book. poem-The white window will be done.

Grammar:- Lesson-4Masculie and Feminine will be done.

HINDI वसुंधरा –  पाठ 6 – महात्मा गाँधी, पाठ 7 – क्रिसमस        

व्याकरण - पाठ 6 – लिंग



ENGLISH- MCB, CH-4 save water save the world will be complete along with the workbook.

GRAMMAR- ch-4, adjective will be done.

E.V.S- CH-7, food we eat will be complete.

MATHS- CH-5, 6 revision will be done and CH-7, rounding numbers will start.

COMPUTER- CH-4, M.S window,2010 will be started.

G.K- unit-3, science and technology will be started.

 HINDI वसुंधरा – पाठ 6 – बिरसा मुंडा, पाठ 7 – जहरीली हवा के खतरे         

व्याकरण -  पाठ 6 – लिंग, पाठ 7 – वचन



EnglishMCB – Chapter-The King and the Dragon will be completed and Q/Ans, will be done.

Grammar – Adjective will be completed.Verbs will be started.

Work Book – Work Sheet-4 will be taught.

E.V.S. – Ch -9Eating Together, Ch-10 Sources of water, Ch-11 Water pollution.

Maths – Ch -6 Multiplication.

G.K. – Page 21,22,23,24.Ch-13 Famous Explorer.Ch-14 Greeting,

Ch-15 Know our body Ch-16 Computers Learns.

Computer – MS Word. Ch-4 reading along with Q/Ans

HINDI  वसुंधरा –  पाठ 8 – एक निर्मल छाया मदर टेरेसा, पाठ 9 – हम सब सुमन एक उपवन के  व्याकरण – पाठ 5- संज्ञा, अनुच्छेद – स्वतंत्रता दिवस




English: MCB  Ch-5 Speaking Tree will be completed, all types of Question Answers  of the lesson will be done.


Activity Book: Sheet 4 will be done

Maths: Ch-6 Fractional Numbers

G.K. Ch-8  Rivers of India, Ch-9 Ethnic Community , Ch-10 Beautiful gardens,   Ch-11 Rivers of the world.

Social Science:  Ch-5 Weather and climate Ch-6 Major landforms

Ch-7 The democratic Republic of  Cargo.

Science: Ch-5 Nervous System

Computer: Ch- Exploring Windows.

 HINDI  वसुंधरा –  पाठ 7 – पहाड़ पुत्री- गौरा देवी व्याकरण –  संज्ञा



English. - Chapter 2 and 3 "A teacher for all seasons"( poem)

Social study -Geography chapter 3 motion of the earth will be thought. Civics -chapter 3 will be taught.

Maths - Chapter 6 -integers.

Science -Chapter 4 sorting material into groups, Chapter 5- separation of substances

Computer -Chapter 3- More on Microsoft word 2010 (question answers)

General knowledge- Chapter 12- Old is gold,chapter13 Historical heritage.

HINDI      नई तरंग –  पाठ 6पांडवों का विवाह   व्याकरण –  शब्द विचार       

SANSKRIT  पाठ 6 तत्त्वम्असि-मध्यम पुरूष: (उभय लिंगयो)

पाठ 7 अहम्आत्मा अस्मि-उत्तम पुरूष: (उभय लिंगयो)



Computer : Ch-3 Questions and Answers and ch-4 Chart in Microsoft Excel 2010.

English : Grammar-ch-4. Adverb phrase and Adverb clause. Ch-5 Many ,Much, Few and less.

Maths : Ch-4 Rational Number.

Science : Ch-7 Whether , Climate and Adaptations of Animals to climate.

S.S.T: Geography ch-The structure of the earth will be taught all type of Questions and answer will be done key words also be done . Civics ch-pillass of Democracy will be taught.

HINDI नई तरंगपाठ 7 त्याग की देवी: पन्ना धाय                                                        

     व्याकरण शब्द रचना उपसर्ग-प्रत्यय, समास                                                           

SANSKRIT        पाठ 7- अनुशासनम्संवाद      व्याकरण- लोट लकार्‍, गच्छ धातु तथा पठ्धातु       




English: unit-3 ch-1 on being an Indian

 Poem – in the bazars of hyderabad

Maths: ch-6 Algebraic expressions and identities

S. St : history- ch-4 tribal communities

         Civics: the Parliamentary system

Science: conservation of plants and animals

Computer:  Ch-4 HTML  <head>,<body>,<p> tags and order or un order list

G. K : current affairs  , Ch- social media, body wise

HINDI नई तरंग – पाठ – बस की यात्रा                                                    

      व्याकरण – शब्द रचना – उपसर्ग-प्रत्यय, समास           

SANSKRIT  पाठ 6 – आदर्श परिवार: कथा (उपसर्गा:) पाठ 7 – प्रभात-सौन्‍दर्यम्‍ (गीतम्‍)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                




Maths - chapter - 10 (Circle) 
Science- chapter- 9 (Force and Laws of Motion) 
English Grammar - Determiners. 
S. St-Eco. Chapter- 2 (Human Resources) 
         History- chapter- 2 Socialism. 
Computer- chapter-3 Computer           Hardware/Software.

HINDI      स्पर्श – रहीम के पद   व्याकरण – संधि, अनुच्छेद-लेखन    



ENGLISH: Literature:  Ch 3: A black Aeroplane, Poem: How to tell wild animals

GRAMMAR:   Determiners

Maths :            Ch 8: Introduction to Trigonometry

Science :          Life Processes, Acid base and Salt

Social Science:            D.P. - Ch. 04 Gender Religion and Caste


Computers:     HTML Program <OL><UL> list <TR><TH><TD> commands

Drawing-          Poster of Save girl child, Independence day

HINDI      स्पर्श  – पर्वत प्रदेश में पावस    व्याकरण – समास- तत्‍पुरूष,द्विगु, संवाद-लेखन  



English-  chap-3, Discovering tut,poem- labournum Top, chap-4 Landscape of the soul

 Physics-    Ch-4 Motion in a plane                   Ch-5 laws of motion 

 Chemistry-   Ch-3 classification of elements and periodicity in properties        Ch-4 chemical bonding .

 Biology- Morphology of plants               Anatomy of plants

 Physical Education- ch-3 physical fitness, wellness and lifestyle                 Ch-4 physical education and sports for CWSN




Computer : Phython

HINDI  अंतरा – पाठ 3 – टार्च बेचने वाले, जनसंचार– पाठ 1, अंतराल- अण्डे के छिलके   



English- Ch 4 The enemy 

Ch 5 Should wizard hit mommy?

Writing - Article, comprehension 

Biology- Human health and disease 

Chemistry - Ch 4 Chemical kinetics Ch 5 surface chemistry 

Physics - Ch 5 magnetism and matter 

Maths: Ch-5 continuity and differentiability

Ch-6 Application of Derivatives.

Physical  Education
Ch-4 Physical Education and Sports.

Ch-5 Children and Sports.

Accounts:  Ch-6 Retirement &  Death of partner

Economics: Ch-3 Liberalization, Privatization & Globalization Ch-4 Poverty.

Business Studies: Ch-5 Organising

HINDI  अंतरा – पाठ 4 - बनारस, अंतराल – पाठ 2- आरोहण, जनसंचार-प्रिंट माध्यम