FORTNIGHTLY-SYLLABUS 16/12/19--TO--31/12/19


Forecast 16th December   to 31st December   2019





English: MCB Ch-6 Our Neighbours andCh-7 The bear and two traveller Revision will be done.

Grammar:  Revision of Ch-7 Negatives & Questions and Ch-8 Yes /No Questions will be done.

E.V.S. : Ch-18 Travel time and Ch-19 Plant word will be done.

G.K. : Unit -4 Science and technology Pg. No. 33,34,35  and 36 will be done.

Computer: Revision.

Hindi: वसुंधरा पाठ 15 मेरा विद्यालय व्याकरण- पाठ 12 – काम बताने वाले शब्द, पाठ 13- उल्टे

                 अर्थ वाले शब्द



English: MCB:Lesson-6 Animals are friends will be done &Lesson -7Sid and suhani watch T.Vwill be done.

Workbook: lesson-6&7will be done. Grammar: Revision of lesson-10&11will be done.

E.V.S.:Lesson-18Direction& lesson-19 Time will be done.

Maths:Lesson-14 Time will be done.

Computer-Lesson-6Fun with paint will be done.

G.K:Unit-6 Sports and entertainment will be done.

Hindi: वसुंधरापाठ 13 – सवेरा, पाठ 14- लालच का फल  व्याकरण पाठ 12 – वस्तु एक नाम अनेक

              पाठ 13 दिन, महीने और संख्या



English : Revision of Ch-7 (A Role Model) will be done and Revision of Ch-8 (Humpty Dumpty) will be done.

Grammar: Revision of Ch-11 (The use of will/ shall) will be done.

EVS: Revision of Ch-15, Living and Non-Living things and Ch-16 Plant around us Revision will be done.

Maths: Exercise- 9.3, 9.4,9.5, 9.6, 9.7 will be done.

Computer:Ch-8 More on MSW LOGO.

G.K: Test Paper I, Test Paper II will be done.

Hindi: वसुंधरापाठ 13 – कहाँ गई गौरैया   पाठ 14 भगवान बुद् का स्नेह

व्याकरण पाठ 12 विलोम शब्द, पाठ 13 अनेकार्थी शब्द  



ENGLISH : M.C.B- CH-9 The Great Barriers reef will be continued the whole exercise will also be completed.

GRAMMAR-CH-11 Conjunction will be completed all the exercise will be done.CH-12 Questions-words will be started.

MATHS-Chapter -15 Area Ex-15.1 ,15.2,15.3,15.4 will be done.

E.V.S-Chapter-22 and 23 groups of animals, Birds nesting habit and care of the young.

G.K.-Page no.51 to 54 will be done.

Computer-Chapter 8 Pen commands reading will be some along with q/ans.

Hindi: वसुंधरा–पाठ 14 व 15 व्याकरण – काल



English: Grammar : Ch-13 Voice will be taught, all exercises of the chapter will be done . Ch-14 the speed will also be taught.

G.K: Chapter : 36 to 40

Computer: Ch7 Using  the Internet and Revision of PT-3

Maths: Ch-14  Bill ,and Ch-15  Temperature

S.Studies: Ch-17

Science : Chh-9 Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Tsunamis, Revision of PT-3.

Hindi: पाठ  16 – दोहा सप्तक तथा पाठ 11,12,13 का दोहरान व्याकरण क्रिया




English: Grammar- Chapter 11, 12,13.

Computer -Revision of chapter 5 more on Microsoft Excel 2010.

Science -chapter 12 ,13

Maths- Chapter 11 symmetry

S.Studies -Chapter 6 major landforms of the earth .Chapter 7 India location and political division.

G.K.- unit 5 (revision and current affairs)

Hindi: नई तरंग- पाठ 17 18 व्याकरण पत्र, निबंध  

SANSKRIT   पाठ 15 16   



English: Grammar chapter-14, 15,16,17

Maths: Chapter-8 Perimeter and area.

S. Studies :Geography-ch-8Natural vegetation and wildlife. History-Chapter-7 Towns, Traders and craftsmen.

Computer: Chapter-7More on internet.

Science:Ch-11,12revision for PT-3

HINDI   नई तरंगपाठ नीलकंठ   व्याकरण संवाद-लेखन, लोकोक्तियाँ      

SANSKRIT  पाठ 13 14



Science :- Chapter-10 (Reaching the Adolescence)
Maths :- Chapter-9 (Comparing Quantities)
S.studies :- History Ch-9, Geography Ch-6
Computer:- chapter-7 (Internet)
G.K:- Unit-7
English:- Unit-5 (section-3)MCB

Hindi: नई तरंगपाठ सेब और देव   व्याकरण- सूचना - लेखन, लोकोक्तियाँ
SANSKRIT   सुप्रभातम्‍ - पाठ 15 16  




English - Grammar - Preparation, short stories. Beehive- ch- The Beggar. 

S.Studies - Revision. 

Computer : Ch-11, Ch-12 More on Ms-Excel.

Science:Ch-3,4 Revision PT-III, Ch-7 Diversity  in Living organism.

Maths: Ch-13 Surface Area & Volumes)

Hindi: स्पर्श  कविताखुशबू रचते हैं हाथ, संचयन हामिद खाँ  व्याकरण संवाद- लेखन,अनुस्वार-अनुनासिक  


English: Literature: Chap. 09 Bholi  (short story)  

Maths :Ch 13:Surface Area and Volume, Ch 14 Statistics

Science :                Revision

Social Science:   Revision

Computers: Ch-11 Python, Ch-12

HINDI:  पाठ्‍यक्रम की पुनरावृत्ति


Chemistry: Ch-10 s-block elements,Ch-11p block elements

Biology - Body fluids and circulation. Excretory products and their elimination

English- Ch-8 Silk Road, Poem- Childhood,Writing- Speech

Accountancy : Chapter 17 Rectification of errors Chapter 18 Financial Statements of sole proprietorship
Business Studies : Revision of PT 2
Economics : Revision of PT 2
Mathematics : Chapter 13 Limits and Derivatives
Physical Education : Chapter 11 Doping

Hindi: पाठ- उसकी माँ , पाठ – भारतवर्ष की उन्‍नति कैसे हो   



Revision  for all subjects

  Hindi: पाठ्‍यक्रम की पुनरावृत्ति