FORTNIGHTLY SYLLABUS 22/11/19- 30/11/19

Forecast 22nd November to 30th November 2019



English mcb chapter 6 our neighbours  Grammar chapter 7 negative questions

Math chapter 14 skip counting

G. K unit 4 page no 30 to 33

E.V.S.  chapter 14 neighborhood services

Computer chapter 5 fun with tux paint


वसुंधरा– पाठ 13- चंद्रबिंदू , पाठ 14- बोली अपनी-अपनी

व्याकरण- पाठ 9 – एक-अनेक



ENGLISH-Mcb:-lesson-6Animals our friends will be done and lesson-7 Sid and Suhaniwater television will be done.

Workbook:-lesson6&7will be done.

GRAMMAR:-lesson-10question words will be done.

MATHS:-lesson-11Measurment of length will be done.

EVS:-lesson-14 what work we do will be done.

COMPUTER:-lesson-5The mouse to be continue.

G.k:-Unit-5will be completed.


वसुंधरा–पाठ 11 – मेरी अविस्मरणीय यात्रा व्याकरण –पाठ 9 – विशेषता बताने वाले शब्द



English : MCB, Ch-7, A Role Model – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam will be done along with the workbook.

Grammar: Ch-8, The use of V1 will be done.

EVS:Ch-15, Living and Non-Living things and Ch-16 Plant around us will be done.

Maths:Ch-9, Division will be done.

Computer:Ch-6 will be done.

G.K:Unit-5 Sports and Entertainment will be done.

HINDI  वसुंधरा–पाठ 12 –हमारी ऋतुएँ व्याकरण –पाठ  9 - विशेषण




ENGLISH MCB-Chapter-8, Birbal and the barber revision.

GRAMMAR-Ch 11-Conjunctions

WORKBOOK-Worksheet-8 will be done

E.V.S-CH-18 Types of roots, Ch-19 Flowers

G.K-Ch-28 National games, Ch-29 Play on board.

MATHS-CH-11 Decimals.

COMPUTER-Revision for chapters 4-6 all exercises.

HINDI  वसुंधरा–पाठ 11 – वृंदा की डायरी व्याकरण – सर्वनाम, विशेषण




S.ST: CH-13 Natural  disasters , Ch-14 Conquering distance.

G.K.: Ch- 30 to  32

English: M.C.B. Ch-8 The black berries and the fruits

Grammar : Ch-13 the Voice will be taught

Maths: Ch-11 Profit  & Loss

Science: Ch-8 Air and Water

Computer: Ch-6 Formatting a presentation.

HINDI  पाठ  11 – गुरू और चेला व्याकरणपाठ 9 –काल




English -unit 5- chapter 5.1 5.2 5.3

Activity book -chapter 5.

Computer -chapter 5

Science -chapter 8 body moments Maths -chapter 10 understanding elementary shapes.

Social study- History- Lesson 7 growth of new ideas

Geography- chapter 7 India location and political division.

General knowledge- unit 5

HINDI  नई तरंग- पाठ 14 व्याकरण – क्रिया विशेषण

SANSKRIT  पाठ 12 – स्वभावेन परोपकारी भवेत्‍




English:Unit-5 HULLO, Mr. GHOST

Chapter-5. 1,5.2,5.3

Activity book Unit-5.


Science:Ch-10 Transportation in animals.

Ch-11 Reproduction in plants.

Maths:Ch-9 Lines and angles.

S. S. T:History Ch-6Town, traders and crafts will be taught. All type Question/Answer, key -words and exercise of the chapter will be done.

Geography Ch-7 Natural vegetation will be started.

HINDI  7     नई तरंग– पाठ – विनय


SANSKRIT पाठ 9 –आत्माबलम्बनम्‍ , पाठ 10 – विद्याया महत्वम्‍




English: mcb- unit-5, the palindrome

              Grammar- the correct use of verbs.

Maths: ch-8 linear equations in one variable

S. St: geography- the major crops of india

          Civics- ch-6

Science: reproduction in animals and combustion and flame

Computer: more on Adobe Flash professional cs6

G. K: unit-6 current affairs

HINDI  नई तरंग–पाठ-  स्‍नेह शपथ व्याकरण- क्रिया, काल तथा वाच्य
SANSKRIT   पाठ 11 – मधुर वचनानि




English - Beehive ch- 8,9

Science- Ch- 12 Sound.

S. science - Ch- 6 (geo)

Computer- ch- 9

Maths- ch- 9

HINDI  स्पर्श – धर्म की आड़ , कविता – अग्‍निपथ




English: ch-9 Madan Rides the Bus

Grammar: Preposition

Science: chapter 4 Carbon and Compounds

Maths: Chapter 5 Arithmetic Progression

Computer: Chapter 7

Social Science: Economics 4 Globalization and Indian Economy

HINDI    स्पर्श – पतझर में टूटी पत्तियाँ   व्याकरण – समास




 Physics- unit 7- mechanical and thermal properties of matter Unit 8 thermodynamics Unit 9 kinetic theory of gases

Chemistry- Ch-11 some basic principles of organic chemistry Ch-12 Hydrocarbons


Biology - Respiration in plants ,plant growth and development


Physical Education- Ch-9 kineosology and sports.

ACCOUNTANCY : chapter 15 Provisions and Reserves Chapter 16 Accounting for bills of exchange
BUSINESS STUDIES : chapter 8 Small Business and Enterprises Chapter. 9.Internal Trade
ECONOMICS : chapter 7 Graphical Presentation Chapter 9 Concept of Revenue
MATHEMATICS : chapter 10 Straight lines Chapter 11 Conic Sections
Physical Education : Chapter 9 Kinesiology Biomechanics and Sports

HINDI  अंतरा–गद्य पाठ 7, अंतराल - पाठ 3



Biology - Environmental Issues

Chemistry - Ch 9 Coordination Compounds

Ch 16 Environmental Chemistry

Physics - Ch 9 Ray optics

Ch 10 Wave optics

English - Revision Ch 5-8 ( Flamingo)

Writing - Report, debate ( Revision)

Accountancy :   Ch: 7 Issue of shares (Part-B)

Business studies:Ch: 10 financial Market

Economics:     Ch: 8 in Macro economics

Physical education:   Ch:9 Psychology and sports

Maths   :                       Ch:11 Three- D Dimensional geometry

HINDI  अंतराकाव्यपाठ 7,8