Marigold Public School  (Academic Session – 2014-15)

Syllabus for F.A.-1

Class IX


 Phy:  Motion  ( Complete  Chapter)

Chem: Matter (Complete  Chapter)

Bio: Fundamental  Units of life (Complete Chapter)

S.STUDIES: Geo.: Lesson -1 India – Size and location , L-2 Physical Features of India

Civics : Lesson- 1 Democracy in the contemporary  world.

L-2 What is Democracy ? Why Democracy?

English: Literature: How I taught my grand mother  to read, The brook , The road not taken ,

Writing : Bio Sketch , Notice, Message, E-Mail, Diary Entry, Data Interpretation.

Grammar: Verb form and Determiners

M.C.B. : People.

MATHS:  Lesson-1 The real numbers, Lesson-2 Polynomials.

Hindi:  Sprash  : Dhool , Redas  ka pad. , Sanchyan: Gillu

Vyakaran: Varan Viched , Anuswar,  Anunashik , Nukta, letter,  Anuchedh , Sambad Lekhan

Class X


 Bio.: Life Process – Till transportation

Chem.: Chemical Reaction and equations

Phy.: Electricity.

S.STUDIES: Geo.:L-1 Resources and development  , L-2 Forest  and wildlife resources .

Eco:- L-1 Development, L-2 Sectors of the Indian Economy.





·         Comprehension Passage : Reading

·         Notice & Report Writing : Writing

·         Articles & Determiners : Grammar

·         Ch-1 Two gentlemen of  Verona : Litreture

·         Poem : The frog & the nightingale.

MATHS:  Ch-2 Polynomials, Ch-3 Parts of Linear Equation in two variables.


Hindi:  Sprash  : Bade Bhi Sahab, Dairy  ka  ek  Panna,  Kabir ki Saki, Meera ka pad.

 Sanchyan:  Harihar Kaka

Vyakaran: Shabad   aur  pad mai  Antar, Asudhi  Shodhan , Muhavare, Letter, Anuchedh  aur Suchana  Lekhan