MARIGOLD PUBLIC SCHOOL at NOIDA has been successfully achieving its goal to the entire satisfaction of the parents and tries to reach the new zenith of heights. The school has firm determination to maintain its standards and serve the past to guarantee its future. The school will have its continuous effort to serve the words “still better and only sky is the limit”.

Schools aim is to give such an education, which develops all round personality of the child, and to meet the challenge of the world in career making. Emphasis is laid on character building of the children so that they become good citizens and leaders of tomorrow. The school authority is determined to give moral and spiritual education according to the cultural values and need of the present time.

To inculcate in them good habits like discipline, co-operation, brotherhood and humanity.

To encourage the students to be original for the constructive research.

To teach them hygienic and civics sense to keep the surroundings clean.

To teach them to have healthy relationship among them irrespective of caste, creed and colour.

The school has well planned building with all facilities and modern amenities, well equipped labs, art room, music room and library. Swimming pool (for Nurs. / KG.) as the main attractions of the building. Sport goods, art & craft material, swings and other equipments like models, charts help in the physical and mental development of the child.